Cursos e eventos


How many conferences offer you the chance to gain in-depth knowledge into the ISO 31000 risk management standard through Masterclasses and walk away with the C31000 international certification?

By joining this year  conference, you will change the way you make decisions, taking into account the objectives and the associated uncertainty.

You will be able to take your career to new heights with the ISO 31000 Masterclass training session, preparing you to successfully pass your certification

By the end of the Conference and Masterclasses, you will be able to return to the office armed with the following knowledge:

•An in-depth understanding in the foundations of the international ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard adopted by your country
•Be confident and familiar with the vocabulary, principles, framework and process that encompasses risk management.
•Understand how ISO 31000 is changing the global risk management community and how risk is intrinsically linked with objectives beyond a simple annual tick-the-box exercise.
•Learn how to start the foundations or review the implementation of the current risk management program through the content of the ISO 31000 standard
•Be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the ISO 31000 examination leading to the C31000 risk professionals certification.


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